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PinDot Media has been in the business of delivering measurable qualified leads to our Home Services clients for 27 years.


Our Experience

HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Pest Control, Animal Removal, Roofing, Windows, Garage Doors and Bathroom Remodeling are just a few of the categories where we’ve proven noted successes.

Unlike many agencies, our clients don’t pay for managed search campaigns or any other media to generate inbound calls to their business. PinDot Media manages and buys all the media necessary to bring steady stream of qualified and measurable inbound calls from individuals and businesses looking for what you do.

Your business will see immediate and quantifiable results.

  • Receive live inbound calls directly to your office or call center.
  • All calls are exclusive and will not be shared with other clients
  • We never charge a set-up fee or monthly management fee.
  • You can pause your campaign when you don’t need clients and start again when you do.
  • Clients simply pay for the qualified and measurable inbound calls received.
  • In most instances, you only pay for a call that lasts at least 60 seconds.

We will manage to your budget just like a Pay Per Click campaign with one major difference – you don’t pay for clicks.

You only pay for the calls delivered from our efforts.

The team with PinDot Media will manage all the media required to provide what our clients want most – a qualified phone call from an individual or company in need of the services you offer. So you won’t pay for a click or any other media – Just the phone call if it exceeds 60 seconds.


Steps To Success

Provide your list of services
Define your geographic market coverage areas
Allow PinDot Media 24 hours to determine the average monthly leads we can provide and the price per qualified call.
You decide how many leads you want.
PinDot Media will set up the campaigns necessary to provide the leads and start delivering calls to your business.

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