Our Expertise

PinDot Media has been in the business of connecting buyers with sellers for over 27 years. In that time, lead generation sources have grown from a few good print sources like newspapers and yellow pages to thousands of online options, each requiring a certain level of expertise to avoid throwing your money to the wind.


PinDot Media developed a system where advertisers no longer pay for media.

We only bill our clients for qualified inbound calls from individuals and businesses looking for what they sell, service or practice. Said another way – Our advertisers don’t pay for media, they pay for calls.

PinDot Media uses all forms of media from major search engines to local directories, which attract attention for your business.

We take the risk off (you) the client and put it on our media specialists to perfect buying techniques that deliver inbound phone calls to our clients. We constantly work to optimize your campaigns and deliver live exclusive calls. In addition, we don’t share your leads with other advertisers.

Our process will take the risk out of buying media on platforms with ever evolving algorithms and artificial intelligence.

We manage media and simply deliver inbound prospect phone calls.


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