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Potential customers need your product or service
They locate you through one of our network listings
Potential customers call your business directly
You only pay for qualified calls **

** The qualified call can vary between client needs or industry type. In many instances it will be an agreed upon call duration such as 60 seconds or greater in length. Our customers are only billed for inbound calls with the agreed upon qualification(s).


Why Us?

We’ve been in this business of connecting buyers to sellers for over 27 years.

As the number of online directory options exploded and the print directory industry declined, we crafted solutions to simplify the transition for our customers.

We want to keep it easy and lucrative when you want your phone to ring with new clients.

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Our clients span many industries, so we have experience driving leads from many different types of customers.

Here’s just a snippet of the companies we’ve worked with:


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We provides 100 FREE leads when you sign up for a long term agreement.

That is up to a $7,500-$10,000+ value!*

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